Who thought it was a good idea to give Tasers to the robots?


packbot-taser.jpgRun! Run for the hills! Humanity is doomed. And not just because we angered Him Upstairs with that dreadful Diana tribute concert yesterday. iRobot has started kitting out its track-wheeled PackBot Explorer robot with Taser X26 stun-guns.

The newly-armed bots will be used by police and the military as a “non-lethal” defence tool, although iRobot is keen to stress that they won’t be acting on their own initiative. “Right now, we have no plans to take any robot with a lethal-weapon approach to the market,” says the company’s Jim Rymarcsuk.

Doesn’t that ‘right now’ make your blood run cold? In other words, next year iRobot will unveil a ROBOT KILLING MACHINE packing 17 Uzis and cluster grenades. Probably.

(via Yahoo News)

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Stuart Dredge
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