BetUknow launches fantasy football betting community

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A new service offers football fans the chance to win prizes for their predictions for UK Premiership, Champions League and Euro 2008 matches. They won’t be gambling real money though: the site gives each user a virtual allowance of £1,000 a week to stake on their forecasts, using odds from real-world bookmakers.

You can set up your own fantasy league of friends and family on the site, while an overall monthly winner from the entire site gets £250 of Amazon gift certificates. BetUknow says it plans to add more features in the coming months, including the ability to bet on who’ll be the next England manager.

People are already playing on the site, which reckons Newcastle fans are the best predictors, while Blackburn fans are the worst. Anyway, it’s a good way to test your betting skills without actually losing your house and possessions, so well worth a look.

BetUknow website

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  • wow this is very exciting one.does every one who is interested can join this service?

  • The domain changed from to .com a little while ago. There’s also a new and improved version now.

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