TomTom and Google to cross paths or just a wild goose chase?

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google-tomtom.jpgI received an e-mail a little earlier today that very nearly ended up in my junk folder but there it was from an anonymous source saying that sat navigators TomTom may have just secured a deal with Google.

If indeed it is the case, it may be just the bit of business to protect TomTom against the incoming wave of smart phones with GPS navigation included for free. With Google on board, TomTom would have all the access to a wealth of information that the likes the of the iPhone has except in this case with a decent turn by turn GPS.

Official word from TomTom on this rumour is that they don’t comment on rumours. Fair enough. But what we do know from them is that the launch of their HD traffic service is the next thing they’re working on and that will be coming out soon.

The idea there is that you’re not only connected with the roads and the shortest routes but now also the quickest ones too with UK traffic updates integrated into the calculations every three minutes. Looking forward to that one. As for the Google deal, your guess is as good as mine.

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