Art Lebedev kicks up a Plastinkus



You! You’re bored, right? Do you want to make some silly noises so that the annoyance of others mildly alleviates your own tedium? Of course you do. Here’s an idea then – how about a plastic, credit card sized turntable that you can scratch and, errr, scratch some more. You can probably even freestyle rap over the top of it. Then you’ll be down, yo.

The Plastinkus is soon to be found flooding shelves at Clinton Cards or some other purveyor of gimmicky tat, right next to the hilarious keyrings with an incorrect spelling of your name on them.

They are available in forty funky colours too. They cost $4.27 a pop, or just less than a pack of fags in this country. My advice: buy the fags and that way you can annoy people just the same, but you at least suffer the long term consequences.

Art Lebedev (via T3)

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