Art Lebedev kicks up a Plastinkus


You! You’re bored, right? Do you want to make some silly noises so that the annoyance of others mildly alleviates your own tedium? Of course you do. Here’s an idea then – how about a plastic, credit card sized turntable that you can scratch and, errr, scratch some more. You can probably even freestyle rap over the top of it. Then you’ll be down, yo.

Art Lebedev now working on wireless Optimus Mini 3.0


If it wasn’t for the fact that the ideas were so damn cool, Art Lebedev would be at risk of becoming a laughing stock for its utter failure to deliver the one product (announced in 2005) that started all its hype. There is a bit of a consolation prize in the form of the Optimus mini three – a three buttoned alternative to the proper OLED enabled keyboard we were hoping for – and the Russian designers are now planning to evolve it a bit further by taking it wireless.