Transformer shoe extravaganza: robots in disguise – and on your feet

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Rather like a Kinder Egg but a shoe, a robot and a surprise (no chocolate), are these most wonderfully ridiculous Transformer trainers. Quite when the design guy thought “You know what, I wish I could turn my shoes into robots,” is utterly beyond me but my nostalgia hormones refuse to let me say that having a life form from Cybertron protecting your feet is a bad idea.

The problem with this footwear appears to be the very serious danger of them either making really uncomfortable shoes or turning into a floppy robot and nobody likes a floppy robot.

Thankfully, they only weigh 170g – depending upon the size, I should think – and they come in a choice of Bumblebee yellow or Jazz blue at a price of $27 of your Yanky Greenback – probably about the same in British Squid once you’ve imported them/the economy has crashed.

Actually, before I leave the subject, if you’re serious about acquiring these, then check here instead. These ones are both official and Nike. Look…


…much nicer. Of course, if you just want the image with out the added silliness, then go with something a little more retro…


…right, that’s your lot.

Transformer shoes (via Gadgetastic)

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