George Lucas frozen in carbonite – silent at last


george-lucas-carbonite.jpgOh, George. George, George, George, what have you done this time for everyone to desert you; for your fans to finally decide the best thing to do is freeze you in carbonite and stop you from dancing around on the ashes of what was once a wonderful franchise?

You’ve basically already branded the Star Wars logo over just about everything, made Vader dance around like a fool and all of that even after people knew about the Star Wars Holiday Special, but still, they left you alone. Perhaps it was the rumours of another three films, Star Wars: the College Years?


Well, whatever it was, I’m sure it’s the best thing for everyone. I do hope someone puts him on eBay. I’d pay everything I have to put him on the wall at home. Showing people around would be such fun: “bookshelf, coffee table, George Lucas,” and how safe would you sleep at night knowing exactly where he was, unable to destroy any more imaginations and spit in the face of childhoods all over the world?

(via Core77)

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Daniel Sung
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