AMFE – A Message From Earth: Bebo users to hassle aliens with terrible music and bad gags

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To be fair to the Bebo group by the name of A Message From Earth (AMFE), who are about to beam cultural data out into space, their content might actually be quite be good. The question remains though as to whether their intended alienlife targets will actually enjoy it or understand it at all.

The idea is that the group will send 500 multimedia messages, via Alexander Zaitsev and his radio telescope in the Ukraine, out into the black void, directed towards a planet by the name of Gliese 581c and any possible inhabitants. With its distance from a red sun and the likelihood of water, it has the right kind of conditions to support life such as ours.

The important point about this is that they are the kind of ET life that might just be able to work out that the YouTube clip of the sneezing panda is actually funny. One step ahead of me then.

The multimedia package includes categories such as “humans”, “animals” and “celebrities” and you can get yourself over to the AMFE page to make a suggestion of your own that may or may not be chosen to be shot out into space on 9th October.

There are many who are not so happy about the idea of being represented by such transmissions and many who are not happy about telling any alien life that we’re here, weak and ready for the plucking either. Doubtless it will come as a huge relief to these people that the AMFE project is being organised by the makers of Wife Swap, and just in case that wasn’t enough to quake their boots, there’s a good chance that any residents of Gliese 581c would have super strength should they decide to come round our yard. Their gravity is around five times stronger than ours.

Submissions are open from 4th August until 30th September but, of course, we all know it’s a total waste of time. Aliens have already visited Earth.

AMFE (via The Register)

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