Four way Wii remote charger on its way



You can complain all you want about the Wii being just a party gaming machine that doesn’t cater to the ‘core gamers, but at the end of the day it is a GREAT party gaming machine that doesn’t cater to the ‘core gamers. However if you want to have a proper Wii party, you’ll need three other noobs a full collection of Wii remotes. The trouble is, they will invariably run out of batteries mid Kart race and you’ll be left desperately searching for fresh ones inside old TV remotes and that ‘massage’ device your wife keeps.

What you need is a Wii remote charging station. Or better yet, a remote charging station that does four remotes at once. And that’s exactly what peripheral manufacturer Penguin has come up with. The 4X Quad Charge Station charges FOUR remotes at the same time, in case the ‘4X’ and ‘Quad’ part of the name, the above picture and the header of this post didn’t give that away.

It’s not grotesquely expensive either, at $44.99 and it comes with Li-on rechargeable battery packs, providing 13 hours of play time. It takes four hours to charge and progress is measured by lights on the charger base. It may someday even be available in the UK. Or, more likely, a rival peripheral manufacturer will come up with something almost identical.

Penguin (via CrunchGear)

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