FINALLY you can charge your phone with your belt

The XOO Belt has just launched on Indiegogo - its a clever belt that has a built in phone charger. With modern phones having a crappy battery life, this gadget could be a lifesaver - simply pull down the charge chord that is hidden behind your belt, plug it into your phone in your pocket…

EVERYBODY needs a USB charging cooking pot, don't they?

We've seen USB ports on pretty much everything by now; from desk fans to little portable vacuum cleaners. But this is definitely one of the more bizarre items to have the ubiquitous port on it. The humble cooking pot…

REVIEW – Duracell myGrid charging mat

Name: myGrid (Duracell) Type: Wireless charging station Specs: (Click here for full specs) Price: £62.55 for the starter kit from Amazon, Power Sleeves and Clips from £29.99 According to the Institute of Engineering and Technology, each average UK household…

Duracell Batteries Rechargeable Accu range – Review

Name: Rechargeable Accu range – StayCharged Cells, Instant Charger, Fast 1 Hour Charger and Easy Charger (Duracell) Type: Rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and portable USB power Prices: Instant Charger – £34.99, Fast 1 Hour Charger – £29.99, Easy Charger -…

Klipsch launch iGroove SXT dock

The dock also has S-video out, allowing users to play videos on their TVs, and a 1000mA charger built into the dock to keep your Apple gadgets powered up.

Mobile phone companies agree on universal charger for EU


The 10 companies who control 90% of the European phone market have signed a deal which will see mobile phone chargers become universal by 2010.

The group, which includes Apple, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, LG and NEC, has agreed to a harmonisation that will see mobile phones charged by mini-USB adaptors. The move is not only good for people who have drawers full of various charges – it’s great news for the environment too.

Every year there are 185million phones sold in the EU and therefore around 185million chargers as well. The majority of these chargers become useless after upgrading to a new phone – even, in some cases, if users stay with the same brand.

The idea is that, after an unspecified time following the release of the universal charger, chargers and phones will be sold separately. The move only applies to smartphones and is only for the EU at the moment.

Hopefully, the rest of the world will follow suit soon after. They should do – not only would it save them money because they won’t have to manufacture and package chargers for every phone they sell (I can’t see them reducing the price of phones just because it ships without a charger) it will also be good for their green-credentials.

(via Reuters)