CandyWirez stretch your iPad/iPhone charge that little bit further

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candywirez-1We’ve all been there; lying in bed or curled up on the sofa with an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone running off the last dregs of juice in its battery pack. You reach over for the charger and plug your device back into a power supply, clamber back into the armchair or under the covers only to feel the cable snag; it’s too short to reach your comfy spot, and you end up splayed out on the floor next to the plug socket instead.

Rather than re-arrange your furniture around the positioning of your power outlets, why not grab an extra-long charge cable instead? The new range of CandyWirez charge cables let you do just that.

Measuring 1.37m (or 4.5ft) in length, they’re a fair bit longer than your standard Apple power cable, giving you a few much-needed extra inches of freedom when using your iOS device as it’s plugged into the wall or transferring data from your computer.
candywirez-2And if you’re not much of a fan of Apple’s all-white charging colour scheme, you’ll be pleased to hear the CandyWirez cables come in a range including purple, yellow, green and pink shades.

Available now, grab a CandyWirez USB charge cable for £9.99 from .

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