Revolutionary wireless charging device hits stores

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A by-product of the digital age we live in is the need for untold different chargers for each device we own. Mobile phones, MP3 players, gaming systems; you name it, they each come with their own cupboard-filling charger. The Powermat is set to revolutionise the world of chargers, wirelessly powering a wealth of gadgets.

Requiring only a single mains connection and using wireless energy transfer, Powermat pairs an ultra-thin mat with a receiver that connects to your device. By simply placing an enabled device on the Powermat, the mat and receiver will work together to charge up to three devices at once. Incredibly, charging occurs at the same rate or faster than if the device was using a standard charger plugged into an electrical socket, even when multiple devices are placed on the Mat.

Price however may prove to be a big draw back. If you are the sort of person looking to buy a Powermat, then you will likely have at least two or three compatible devices that need charging. When you consider that many devices need a unique receiver to charge with the mat, each roughly around the £30 mark, a couple of charger leads suddenly don’t look all that unattractive.

The Powermat is available from John Lewis, The Carphone Warehouse and Amazon. Powermats cost from £69.99, with individual receivers starting at £29.99.

Need convincing? Check out the demonstration video below.

Gerald Lynch
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