Microsoft retail store hits the US

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microsoft store.jpgApple stores have become a fairly familiar sight on the high-street, but outside of specialist PC retailers, the Microsoft logo is often notably absent. Not for long however, with the first Microsoft retail store now open Stateside in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Gizmodo had a snoop around at the opening and took some snaps of the colourfully decorated store.

There were PCs and software aplenty in store, with numerous brands, companies and customer budgets catered for.

The Microsoft store isn’t all just about PCs though, with shelf space devoted to games, Xbox hardware and even a section to keep the kids occupied.

Technical Advisors were on hand to answer any queries at the Microsoft Answers Suite, with the store overall feeling eerily reminiscent of Apple’s chain.

We’re all for Microsoft stores filling the vacuum on UK high-streets left by Woolworths. Providing they have a proper Pic n’ Mix counter of course.

Gerald Lynch
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