CTA Digital wrist band add-on to improve Wii Fit experience

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wii wrist strap.jpgCTA Digital are set to release a slew of new Wii remote accessories, aimed primarily at Wii Fit owners.

The wrist band will let Wii owners strap a remote to their arm, making for a smoother workout on their Wii Fit boards, whilst the silicone casing will protect the remotes from any drops or bumps and even has room for the MotionPlus adapter.

From the pictures we have seen, the wrist strap definitely seems a victim of function over fashion, but that’s no bad thing for those of us who can’t help but sling our Wii remotes about.

Head over to www.ctadigital.com for more details.

Gerald Lynch
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One thought on “CTA Digital wrist band add-on to improve Wii Fit experience

  • Typically I’m not a huge fan of these Wii Fit add ons. But this one actually make sense. For aerobic activities like Hula Hoop, or the various strength and yoga exercises, I’m constantly putting the remote down and picking it up again.

    It’s a minor inconvenience, but this doo dad would eliminate it.

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