RCA Airnergy charges gadget batteries with wi-fi signals

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airnergy.JPGThanks to all the new wireless charging systems on their way to market, the shock-horror moment of being out and about and then having your mobile’s battery die mid-way through a call may be a thing of the past. Of this new wave of chargers, the Airnergy from RCA looks to be the pick of the litter.

Airnergy works by harvesting wi-fi signals around you and converting them into electricity. Sure, we’ve seen this done before, but it’s the efficiency that is the key here; the Airnergy can convert and store enough power within 90 minutes to charge a smartphone.

The magic here is the Airnergy’s built in battery. It doesn’t need to be connected to your phone to be charged immediately. Just keeping it in range of a decent wi-fi source means power can be held onto for when you need it most.

A small and simple device, it could really challenge the Power Mat, with all its frustrating accessories, for dominance in the charger market. And at a suggested retail price of $40 (around £30) its way cheaper too.

We’ll be keeping our eye on this one to say the least.

Via: Oh Gizmo

Gerald Lynch
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  • “convert and store enough power within 90 minutes to charge a smartphone”

    No, No it can’t. The Max transmit power of wifi in the UK is 100mw.
    Most Phones have a battery around 2000mah or more. Its not even hard math.
    Pure and simple bullsh**.
    As Juergen says, people have been doing the math (not that its not obvious without it) and this device just doesnt work. Why is it even getting coverage?

  • You do realise that this one is a hoax? People have been doing the maths for the last week, and there simply is no chance at all to get enough power from any antenna to charge a battery unless you built an antenna that completely surrounds the access point (thus cutting off any wireless access) – and even then, you’d recharge faster by just unplugging the access point and using its power socket.

    This device is a hoax, pure and simple.

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