Griffin launch the PowerBlock reserve for iPhone and iPod

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Though carrying an iPhone around is like having everything but the kitchen sink in your pocket thanks to all its maps and apps, its Achilles heel is its relatively low battery life. You’ll get a little over a day’s worth of juice out of a single charge at best, which isn’t too great if you’re going to be away from a power supply for very long.

Griffin’s PowerBlock looks to relieve you of your charging woes. At first glance it may appear to be a regular USB AC wall charger. However, it features a detachable battery pack which can be used as a reserve power supply for your iPod or iPhone, while also charging other USB devices.

“The addition of a removable battery to the PowerBlock charger means you can take the power with you when you go,” said Paul Griffin, founder and CEO of Griffin Technology, “It is a simple and reliable backup to ensure iPod and iPhone users never run out of power on the move.”

The PowerBlock Reserve EU and UK model will be available at Apple stores from February priced £29.99.

Gerald Lynch
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