Logic 3 Wireless QWERTY keyboard for the Nintendo Wii

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If you find yourself playing the menus more than the games on the Wii, then you it may interest you to know that help has arrived in the form of the Logic 3 wireless keyboard for Nintendo’s little white darling.

It’s all rather irritating when you’re trying to browse by throwing yourself about behind the Wiimote and Nuchuck and any text entry is a bit of a pain for that matter, so instead get your arse over to Amazon and pre-order one of these quite reasonably priced badboys at just £14.99.

It runs on AAA batteries and works via a USB dongle that plugs into your Wii. They’re out on the 18th July and with free delivery tacked on, how can you say no?

Wii Keyboard on Amazon (via Tech Radar)

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Daniel Sung
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