Drobo 16TB HDD – a whole lot of space for whole lot of funny

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From the people who brought you the first “self-aware” hard drive comes the latest Drobo external storage unit with more space to stack your file junk than you can shake a whole forest of sticks at.

Why anyone needs to store up to 16TB of information, I find slightly unfathomable. Even the word “terabyte” I find fairly inconceivable. They called it that because it’s supposed to scare you off. Information is dangerous and therefore the more you have, the more of a threat you are to society. That’s what the SI unit scientists were told else their funding would be cut.

If you’re braver than most or have truck loads of porn more likely, then you may be interested in the Drobo’s four disc storage solution and its USB 2.0 and Firewire 800 connectivity. Personally, I just think it looks rather good and far prettier than the ugly, grey lump of a 250GB oblong HDD that sits on my desk. Still, you’d expect some looks for $499.

Data Robotics (via Gearfuse)

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Daniel Sung
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