Freeview rebrands Playback DTRs as Freeview+

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freeview_plus_logo.jpgFreeview has announced that its Freeview Playback service will now be called Freeview+. It’s something Chris thought would be a better name back in 2006 when the service launched, because any DVR with the feature does for Freeview what Sky+ does for Sky, or V+ does for Virgin.

According to Freeview’s Director of Marketing Communications, Rob Farmer, there are already over a third of a million Freeview digital TV recorders in UK households, with the market growing 76% each year. Manufacturers include Humax, Goodmans, LG, Sony and Sharp and Tvonics.

This is simply a rebranding exercise, because the features of DVRs is pretty much standard now – recording programmes, pausing live TV, and so on. However, Freeview expects to push these recorders into more homes as the digital switchover approaches, and consumers find they need to upgrade outdated equipment to get the best digital terrestrial experience.

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One thought on “Freeview rebrands Playback DTRs as Freeview+

  • The rebranding of the Freeview playback service is great news for Freeview, showcasing exactly what is on offer, especially now as there is some fierce competition from the newly launched BBC Freesat and Freesat+ systems, which like Freeview, carry no subscription costs.

    Hopefully soon they will finalise some firm details on their HD service.

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