Giant polystyrene robot and lots of little friends by Michael Salter


giant-robot.jpgAn associate professor of digital arts at the University of Oregon has created a 22-foot tall giant polystyrene robot from old packing material.

Michael Salter spent months cutting up the bits and pieces for the Styrobot which will be touring art galleries all over the world on its quest for world domination along with its army of smaller friends.

The other packing bots range form 16-inches all the way up to the 22-foot beast passing a rather splendid cardboard colossus on the way. No need to be afraid though. They may be large and in numbers but they’re all light as a feather, save the odd internal wooden skeleton just to keep them on their feet.


Sadly they’re not for sale and will be decommissioned after their tour, however, I’m sure that if you offered Mr Salter the right price, you may change his mind.

Michael Salter (via Dvice)

Daniel Sung
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