Mini Digital TV from IWOOT for under £100

New from I Want One of Those is a Digital TV and Multimedia Player for under £100.

OK it’s only got a teeny, tiny 3.5inch screen but for use out and about this seems great – no idea what picture quality is like yet. Thanks to a digital tuner you can watch all the Freeview channels, though you will need to hook the device to your TV aerial first to download all the available channels.

Using the SD card the gadget also doubles as a video or digital audio (MP3 player)

I Want One of Those

Freeview HD gets launch date


The launch date for Freeview HD has been revealed as 2nd December. That is the date in which Multiplex B – the multiplex that is being utilised for HD transmissions goes live at the Winter Hill transmitter. Put simply, this means that Freeview HD will be available to the Winter Hill areas of Liverpool and Manchester.

The plan is to increase the Freeview HD transmissions in the first half of next year. The Crystal Palace transmitter, which covers much of London, may also be upgraded in December – even though the proposed date for this, according to Ofcom, is 2012.

Graham Plumb, head of distribution technology at the BBC stated that Ofcom’s dates were merely a “backstop contingency”.

Earlier this month we told you how Five had been added to the Freeview HD line-up alongside the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. Users will need a HD Freeview box to receive the channels as the HD content will not be decoded by existing Freeview equipment. Some TVs, such as the Sony W4000 and the Loewe Connect, already have the hardware in order to do this though, without the need for a box.

(via BBC blog)

Sony PlayTV for PlayStation 3 landing on September 10th


Much to our disappointment (but certainly not surprise) Sony confirmed following its E3 press conference that the newly unveiled PlayStation Store TV and Movies download service would not be hitting European shores until next year. Maybe. But don’t fret, telly loving gamers out there, Sony has something in the way of a consolation prize: Sony PlayTV. And it’s landing in a little less than two months.

Freeview rebrands Playback DTRs as Freeview+


Freeview has announced that its Freeview Playback service will now be called Freeview+. It’s something Chris thought would be a better name back in 2006 when the service launched, because any DVR with the feature does for Freeview what Sky+ does for Sky, or V+ does for Virgin.

According to Freeview’s Director of Marketing Communications, Rob Farmer, there are already over a third of a million Freeview digital TV recorders in UK households, with the market growing 76% each year. Manufacturers include Humax, Goodmans, LG, Sony and Sharp and Tvonics.