Microsoft "white space" Wi-Fi trial to give mobile broadband a boost

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wifi-hack.jpgMicrosoft are to begin a trial for a new type of Wi-Fi specification this week that could potentially act as an alternative to LTE and current public Wi-Fi connections.

Using “white space” in the frequency spectrum that had initially been reserved for the digital TV programmers that has ended up unused, Microsoft will tap into the 470MHz to 790MHz range to see if they can give mobile broadband a boost.

Taking place in Cambridge, a major factor of the tests will be to find out whether using spectrum space so close to that of digital TV signals ahs an adverse effect on broadcasts.

“Spectrum is a finite natural resource. We can’t make more and we must use it efficiently and wisely,” Microsoft’s Dan Reed told the Financial Times.

“The TV white spaces offer tremendous potential to extend the benefits of wireless connectivity to many more people, in more locations, through the creation of super Wi-Fi networks.”

If the trial is a success, it is thought the networks will likely serve rural areas rather than major urban centres.

Gerald Lynch
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