£10,000 fine for Dream Pinball 3D file-sharers

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caught-thief.jpgA British court has fined four file-sharers for uploading Dream Pinball 3D onto an illegal website where it was subsequently bagged for free by a host of other users.

Solicitors for the game’s US producer, Topware Interactive, successfully sued the defendants for £750 each with the real bite coming that the four also had to stump up a further £2,750 a piece in court cost. Ouch, and rather frustrating given the game only costs 16 quid to buy and isn’t very good.

But Topware’s solicitors, Davenport Lyons, are not going to stop there. They’ve obtained an order for 1,000 more names of other file-sharers from ISPs which they intend to chase down. My recommendation to those named would be to keep proceedings as short as possible or flee to Jamaica.

This case is not the best of news for the file-sharing public. I’ve always rather felt this clamp down was all mouth and no trousers, especially as the record labels are having enough trouble against the big boys like the Pirate Bay et al, but it does seem as if the authorities really are going at it on all levels.

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Daniel Sung
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