Topfield TF5810 Freeview box – 500GB storage, twin tuners and upscaling


topfield.jpgNot just a Freeview box, the Topfield TF5810 packs in all the storage you need, along with upscaling for your recordings.

Indeed, the list of features is seemingly endless, but we’ll sum up by saying it has a 500GB drive (over 250 hours of recording), twin tuners (so you can view and record), pause/rewind live TV, upscaling to 720p & 1080i via the HDMI connector, PC connectivity, EPG, picture-in-picture, series recording and…well just about everything else you would expect of a PVR.

The TF5810 is available for £349.95, with 250GB models selling for around £220.


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Dave Walker
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