Babel TV – Freeview PVR, internet and online storage from one box

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Peter Dawe and Mark Turner were pioneers of the commercial internet with Pipex and Demon – and now they’re back with Babel TV, which mixes digital TV with web browsing, using your existing broadband connection.

Essentially, this is a set-top box for Freeview, with PVR functionality to record shows or pause live TV. But there’s more to this black box – including internet access via your TV and existing broadband connection (wireless keyboard and ‘pointer’ included). That means you can browse and stream video from YouTube-type sites.

There’s also connectivity for your devices (for downloading and uploading your media), the opportunity for VoIP calling and the option to buy secure online storage at £1 per month for 1GB. Babel also points out that everything is handled server side, so you don’t need to worry about security updates, browser errors and the like.

Babel TV boxes will be available online from November 6th priced at £295. Sounds interesting – I’m sure we’ll be getting the hands-on before the launch.

Babel TV

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