Sennheiser headphones aid carbon-neutral world record attempt

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Okay, I confess – I actually just wanted to put a picture of this boat in here. This is what Batman would drive (sail?) if he was fighting climate change as well as crime.


This eco-boat is racing around the world, attempting to break the record of 75 days. It runs exclusively on biodiesel and has a zero carbon footprint. It also sports a maximum speed of 40 knots – perhaps someone who knows a damn thing about sailing could tell us whether that is fast or not.

Next, you’ll probably be wondering how Sennheiser, manufacturer of headphones of every conceivable shape and size, is involved. Well, apparently a by-product of being absurdly fast and eco-friendly is that it is incredibly noisy. So Sennheiser has equipped all the crew with a range of its NoiseGard noise cancelling headphones.

The models they are using are the PXC 450 NoiseGard Active Noise Cancelling headphones for the crew, galley slaves, etc, while the skipper and navigator get to brandish HMEC 450 NoiseGard cans, which cost £592.00 a pair.

Presumably we’ll need to check they don’t all come back with tinnitus to tell whether they work or not. In the meantime here’s a bit of corporate spiel: “We’re delighted Sennheiser is supporting us,” explained Earthrace Captain Pete Bethune. “This project wouldn’t have been able to happen without their support”.

And finally, here’s a disgusting bit of trivia for you to take home with you – Captain Bethune underwent liposuction prior to the race so that he could donate his own fat to be processed into biofuel. So, if you happen to see the ship passing you as it travels the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, just try not to breathe in, yeah.


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