Toshiba aims on saving the environment with their Carbon Zero offset scheme

toshiba-carbon-offset.jpgA few weeks back I criticised Sony for donating just 1% of the profits made on their Vaio FZ Graphic Splash Eco Edition laptops to green charities, of which I got lampooned by a reader for doing so. He probably thought I am a Microsoft/Toshiba/HD-DVD fangirl, which is obviously why I spoke negatively of Sony (typical Sony fanboy mentality).

Well, admittedly I am the aforementioned fangirl, but had it been any company, I still would’ve pulled them up on being stingy. And I’m going to prove so, by slagging Toshiba off for just the same reasons.

From today, Tosh is now offering customers the option to offset the carbon dioxide produced when making their laptops, by asking for £1.18 which will go…