Hivision's 'eco-friendly' NB1020 sub-notebook runs on Windows Vista, firm rival for Eee 1000

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Hivision is a brand we’re unlikely to ever see in the Western World, however it’s worth showing to you, due to the claim that it’s an ‘eco-friendly’ sub-notebook.

Shown off at Computex, the PC expo in Taipei, the NB1020 runs on Linux, Windows XP and…Vista? It has a 1.6GHz processor speed, 512 DDR RAM, and an 80GB HDD. It’s on the large end of the sub-notebook scale, measuring 10.2″, with a resolution of 1024 x 600.

Hivision is claiming the battery will last for three hours at a time, and that it weighs 1400g with said battery. A 3-in-1 card inbuilt card reader has been thrown in also. If the NB1020 was ever released into the wild over here, it would be a firm rival to the new Eee 1000 just announced by ASUS.

I just can’t get over Hivision’s claim that it will run Vista. Hands up who’d love to see that!

(via AVING)

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