Etre Touchy gadget gloves – good gift, bit of a con

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Those looking for the kind of relatively inexpensive Christmas present to get you off the hook need look no further then the Etre Touchy gadget gloves.

Not quite fingerless and not complete either, this bastard knitware creation is designed to give you access to your mp3 players and, yes, most specifically your multitouch iPhone at the same time as keeping the majority of your digits warm.

Not sure how impressed my brother-in-law’s going to be when he unwraps his pair on the 25th or when he reads this post and I’m starting to wonder whether it’s really worth it for £14.99.

Essentially I have two problems with the Etre Touchy aside the name (to be touchy?). Firstly, fingerless gloves always just gave me cold fingers and secondly, why waste £14.99? Why not just buy a cheapo pair from a market stall and cut the tops off? I’m sure your mum’ll hem them for you or you can always have a chat with Abi on Crafty Crafty. She’ll let you know how it’s done.

Etre Touchy (via Geek)

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One thought on “Etre Touchy gadget gloves – good gift, bit of a con

  • I WANT SOME!!! they’re cute. and may actually be even more exciting than my convertible fingerless gloves/mittens that I’ve always been in love with.

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