Glovephone: Glove is all you need (to make phone calls or use as a Bluetooth receiver)

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glovephone.jpgI’m not going to tell you this is a labour saving device. I’m not going to tell you it’s the cutting edge of tech either. But this glovephone is just, well, it’s just brilliant.

This piece of concept cool by Serbian designer Nikola Knezevic is a mobile in its own right or can act as a Bluetooth device for connecting to a difficult to access phone or an MP3 player if you want to stand around with your finger in your ear or just add some theme music to picking out wax.

I guess the practical applications are for extremely cold environments, as indicated by the picture. Who wants to have to take your gloves off and fumble through your pockets only to find you’ve missed the call and picked up cold hands instead?

Personally, I’d just wear it anyway so I can pretend I’m all suave as I raise a sardonic eyebrow and stare seductively at women while punching digits into the palm of my hand. I imagine they’ll just laugh at me but it’ll be too late. I’ll have their Bluetooth ID. Who’ll be the one laughing when I upload pictures of my cock to their handsets? Well probably still them. And all their mates. And everyone on Facebook.


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Daniel Sung
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