LED Gloves – a lighter touch


There’s something a little serial killer about these LED gloves. I think it’s the flesh colour material and the wires running down over the ligaments that make this look like some sort of wizened old Freddy Krueger hand, but once you get over you impending heart attack and childhood nightmares, you realise that having lights at your fingertips is actually a pretty useful thing.

Look, look at the picture, see. You can write in the dark or, err, you can, you know, see stuff.

Ok, I’m lost for specific applications after that but the concept of being able to see what you’re doing with your hands in the darkness is a pretty good thing – unless you’re carefully trying it on with someone and then they might see it coming a few miles off.

With the summer festival season nearly upon us, I’m thinking about camping and all that kind of night time malarkey. Much better than one of those head torches that wind up in a group of four a five of you all blinding each other every time you try to hold a conversation. Yours for around £25.

Lux et Deco (via technabob)

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Daniel Sung
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One thought on “LED Gloves – a lighter touch

  • Got mine today. They’re beautiful. Will be most useful at Glastonbury and for winter cycling (they have a nice thing when each goes in sequence, will be good to indicate hand signals at night).


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