Channel 4 embracing old-school "radio" technology and bringing DAB to mobiles

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4_radio_dab-mobiles.jpgHere’s a thoroughly educational update packed with things you probably didn’t know. For starters, telly company Channel 4 has a digital radio station license and will be launching “E4 Radio” alongside its stack of existing DAB stations this year.

Channel 4 Radio, in an attempt to broaden its reach, is apparently sounding out manufacturers about making a C4 or E4-branded dongle to bring DAB capabilities to mobiles and iPods. The company wants to charge about £20 for this, also reckoning it could save DAB radio from the malaise and near-death status the format currently finds itself in.

But will this actually help improve the public image of DAB radio? DAB machines all look very nice, with their retro styling and looks, but I’d bet you tonight’s dinner that most of “the kids” out there couldn’t tell you the difference between a DAB broadcast and the perfectly decent old FM tuner that’s already in their phones and MP3 players.

It also doesn’t help that you can listen to Channel 4 Radio online as well. It’s like HD DVD all over again, only with fewer people giving a toss and no actual competition.

(Via The Times)

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