Black Friday: Google Search’s Top 10 trending products

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In the lead-up to Black Friday, the demand for Tazz UGGs, the Steam Deck gaming handheld, Apple AirPods  and Adidas Sambas have all soared…

Every festive season, there are those ‘it’ products that sell out during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, leaving Christmas shoppers scrambling to buy alternative items. Last year it was money-saving home gadgets, like air fryers and slow cookers, whereas this year we’re seeing TikTok-inspired product trends, from the New Balance 530s to the hugely popular Stanley Cup. 

Nick Drewe, Trend and Discount Expert at Online Coupon Platform, Wethrift, has uncovered the top trending products in the lead-up to Black Friday and Christmas by analysing Google search volume data.

  1. Steam Deck Portable PC – 7900%

Gaming gadgets are hugely popular in the lead-up to Christmas, and this year there has been a huge surge in searches for the Steam Deck portable gaming handheld (pictured above), with searches up by 7900%. The handheld console launched back in 2022, and has been a must-have gadget amongst avid gamers ever since. The device lets you play all your favourite games on the go. 

  1. Apple Airpods Max Wireless – 3300% 

The Apple Airpods Max, like most of the tech companies’ products, cost a pretty penny, so in the lead-up to the biggest shopping sale of the year, searches have increased by a huge 3300% – as people hunt for deals and discounts on the gadget.  The chunky oversized headphones have become a sweeping fashion trend this year, as big-name celebrities like Bella Hadid, Lily-Rose Depp, Zoe Kravitz, and Sarah Jessica Parker swap their wireless earbuds for over-the-ear headphones. 

UGG Tazz slipper
  1. UGG Tasman – 3066% 

Autumn is officially here, so naturally cosy outfits are on everyone’s minds. Every year as the temperatures start to drop, we embrace the return of the UGG boot. Last year, the ultra mini UGG was a sell-out product, surging in popularity in the lead-up to Christmas, this year, however, it’s the Tazz boot that people are on the hunt for. 

As we approach Black Friday, the demand for the Tazz UGG slipper has increased by a whopping 3066%, while over on TikTok the #tazzsliper hashtag has amassed a colossal 7.4 million views. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Rihanna have been seen sporting the trend. 

  1. Under desk treadmill – 2400% 

We spend a large portion of our week working, which means it can be difficult to find the time to exercise – and that’s where the demand for the under-desk treadmill came from. They allow you to carry out your normal working activities while getting your steps in. 

Not only are they more practical, under desk treadmills are lighter in weight, easy to move, and less expensive than a traditional running treadmill – making them hugely popular. 

  1. EA Sports FC 24 – 800%

Despite physical sales being down in comparison to FIFA 23, the early access sales of EA Sports FC 24 are up 25% year-on-year. As we approach the festive season, the demand for the latest game has increased by 800%, this could be attributed to more gamers holding off for big shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to save some pennies. 

iPhone 15
iPhone 15. Image: Apple
  1. iPhone 15 – 666%

Despite the hefty price tag, with the original model starting at £799 / $799 / AU$1499, the iPhone 15 has become a must-have for tech-savvy people around the world. As we approach Black Friday, a shopping event notorious for shoppers securing big savings on tech items, it’s unsurprising to see the demand for the new iPhone increase by 666%. 

This year, the Pro Max is going to be the sell-out model, as recent reports have stated that the demand is outpacing last year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

  1. Stanley Cup – 140% 

The Stanley Quencher Cup is the latest product sweeping TikTok. Some are labelling it the ‘emotional support water bottle’.  Millennials are officially obsessed with the water bottle as a new ‘watertok’ trend surfaces, which is essentially encouraging you to drink more water, in an aesthetically pleasing way. The hashtag for the bottle has now amassed over 5.4 billion views and counting, but the hefty price tag means shoppers are either purchasing dupe products on TikTok shop or holding out for Black Friday. 

  1. Dyson V12 – 138% 

The latest home obsession sweeping TikTok is the Dyson V12, the latest Dyson cordless vacuum cleaning model. The V12 is fitted with an electric laser that helps to identify dust on floors and surfaces – something that has caught the attention of many TikTok home cleaning enthusiasts. Like most Dyson products, the V12 has a high price point, so it’s understandable for a 138% rise in searches for the home gadget in the lead-up to Black Friday. 

  1. New Balance 530 – 125%

The New Balance 530s are the official ‘it girl’ trainer of 2023. Despite its huge surge in popularity across TikTok, with the hashtag #newbalance530 gaining 248.3 million views on the app, the trainer has been around for quite some time. The 530 is one of New Balance’s most recognised designs and was released back in 1992. 

This Christmas, the sneaker is guaranteed to be on the top of everyone’s wishlist – so gift-givers are on the hunt for bargains, with searches up by 125% in the lead-up to the biggest shopping date of the year. 

Adidas Samba
  1. Adidas Samba – 104%

Yet another product that has gained traction across social media is the Adidas Samba. Big-name celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid have all been spotted wearing the trainer in the last few months. The shoe comes in a wide variety of colours from classic black and white, to green, pink, orange, and more. 

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