How do I keep my property safe? Top 5 high tech security products including MasterLock Smartpadlocks

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Thanks to wireless technology it’s now easier and cheaper than ever before to protect your home with the latest hi-tech security products. Chris Price reports

MasterLock Bluetooth Smartpadlocks £69-£89
Gone are the days of having to remember your padlock key at the gym. MasterLock has introduced two smart padlocks (pictured above) which enable you to open and close your padlock over Bluetooth via its ELocks smart phone app. Alternatively if you don’t have a smart device with you, it’s possible to unlock with a code instead. For shared use the app provides guest access which can also be limited to certain times of the day. Two versions are available: an indoor version for £69 and a more rugged outdoor version for £89.

Doorbell-Cam-desktop_05August Doorbellcam $200
US security company August offers a range of innovative security products for your home, including a second generation smart security lock for your front door. Featuring integrated Apple Home Kit technology, it boasts integrated Siri so you can open and close the lock using voice commands rather than going through an app. However, one of the company’s new products that recently caught our eye is the Doorbellcam (pictured above). A weather-proofed, wifi enabled smart doorbell, it’s equipped with a standard motion detector which will turn on the camera when it detects movement near the door. Once the doorbell is pressed you can even speak to visitors via your smartphone no matter where you are. Handy if you want to tell the postman to leave the parcel next door! The latest smart lock costs $230 and the Doorbellcam is available on back order for $200.

se-safewell-sw-50fpn-half-open_2Phoenix SW-50FPN £145.20
If you are paranoid about getting burgled then getting a safe may be a good idea. You can keep your valuables in there, including passports, cameras and cash. Obviously you will need to secure it too, otherwise the burglar could just walk away with the whole thing and force it open at a later point! Phoenix provides two options: either it can be fixed to the floor (using the bolts supplied) or alternatively to the wall. Fitted with a fixed shelf, it weighs about 18Kg and measures 50cm tall, 34.5cm wide and 25cm deep which is a reasonable size. What’s more, because it’s a biometric safe it can save up to 20 different fingerprints with two override keys provided.–gDUGJYmHzoRes2H275gxzs1BoChczw_wcB

SwannSwann 1080p NVR 8 Channel IP CCTV Kit with 4 Cameras £699
Certainly not the cheapest security camera solution on the market but one of the more advanced. Features four 2.1 Megapixel cameras, each capable of delivering High Definition 1080p video images on to a 2TB hard drive. HD cameras also have night vision up to 30m and can be used indoors or out. Using the SwannView app, it’s possible to view footage over the internet via your smartphone or tablet. You can also hook up the system to a HDTV via the supplied HDMI cable or to a computer monitor via the VGA port. The hard drive can record for up to 48 days non stop coverage or even longer using the motion detection function.

Nonda iHere
If you are the kind of person who is always losing your keys then you might appreciate the iHere from Nonda (we recently reviewed the company’s intelligent car charger, the Nonda Zus here). Simply attach your keys to the smart key fob and using the iHere 3 app you can track any attached device up to a range of 75ft (25m). The device features an alarm you can sound too with volume up to 85dB (louder than most other key finders) and you can – for a bit of fun – control your phone’s camera shutter button with the iHere so you can take selfies. Each charge lasts for several weeks so there’s no need to keep recharging the device.
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