8 Wordle alternatives – including Absurdle and Mathler

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Wordle is the latest new online puzzle game to take the world by storm, proving so popular that it was recently acquired by the 
New York Times for an estimated seven-figure fee.

Its popularity is due largely to its simplicity. The online brainteaser challenges users to guess a five-letter word within six tries, with no clues whatsoever other than a colouring system that tells users if the letter they have guessed is either in the word and in the right place; in the word but in the wrong place, or not in the word at all.

What makes Wordle unique, in our world of instant gratification, is that it only offers its users one brain teaser per day. This reserved style does keep users coming back for more. However, it leaves many fans frustrated as they have to wait another 24 hours to get their Wordle fix.

Thankfully there is another way, as the team at Preply have scoured the web to reveal all of the alternative Wordle games that you can play alongside the main game, to supplement your daily Wordle workout. 

Whether you do your Wordle on your lunch break, first thing in the morning or as soon as the clock turns midnight, there are plenty more free-to-play Wordle variants out there from rude-word guessing games to Taylor Swift based brain teasers – there truly is a Wordle for everyone.

1. Hello Wordl

One of the most appealing things about Wordle is that you can only play it once a day. However for any avid Wordle players who just can’t get enough of the brainteasers, this supplement ought to satisfy your cravings.

Hello Wordl offers fans the exact same game, with the added bonus of being able to play it as many times as they want. Another special feature of Hello Wordl is that it allows you to steer away from Wordle’s traditional five letter word format, inviting you to solve puzzles from anything between four to eleven letters – still within six guesses, of course.

Play Hello Wordl here.

2. Absurdle

If you are one of those super brainy boffins who has already started to find the daily Wordle puzzle a little too easy, then perhaps Absurdle is the brainteaser for you.

This seriously smart spin-off tries to outsmart you by changing the target answer after each try. If you do guess a ‘green’ or ‘yellow’ letter correctly, then the game will take this account, changing the target word to whatever list out of the remaining unused letters. 

The one upside of this, however, is that you do get an unlimited amount of tries to grind an answer out of this frustratingly intelligent AI – meaning you might have to rethink your tried and tested Wordle tactics.

Play Absurdle here.

3. Mathler

Not everyone is a whizz with words, but thankfully for all you number nerds out there, a Wordle style game has finally been created for you.

Aside from switching out letters for numbers, Mathler is strikingly similar to Josh Wordle’s original creation. The puzzle is laid out in a similar format and gives you six attempts to find the secret calculation behind the number provided to you. 

Using just the numbers zero to nine, as well as each of the plus, minus, divide and times symbols, the game stays loyal to the original’s black, yellow and green colouring system to help you work out each day’s maths puzzle. You can even share your score to Twitter too – now there’s a tweet that is guaranteed to get numbers.

Play Mathler here.

4. Taylordle (Taylor’s Version)

Finally, there’s a Wordle out there to satisfy every Swifties fix. Taylor Swift superfans can finally put their knowledge to the test by guessing one five-letter Taylor related word a day.

Only the most obsessed Swifties will be able to keep up their streaks since the game will only let you guess five-letter words that are somehow related to Taylor herself – and as you can imagine, there are only so many, so some of these references can get very niche.

Play Taylordle here.

5. Lordle of the Rings

Swifties aren’t the only niche fanbase with a Wordle puzzle of their very own, because now Tolkein fanatics can get involved in the hype too and prove that LOTR fans are the real Wordle wizards.

With the hotly anticipated Lord of the Rings series coming out on Amazon Prime later this year, this Middle Earth themed guessing game is the perfect way to clue yourself up on all of that LOTR lingo – well, all of the five-letter words at least.

Play Lordle of the Rings here.

6. Evil Wordle

The self-proclaimed ‘evil twin’ of the original Wordle game, this variant of the popular brain teaser lures users in by offering infinite guesses on the mystery word that the AI is thinking of.

However, ‘Evil Wordle’ is only interested in playing games with you since its real aim is to frustrate you into giving up or taking as many guesses as possible – whichever happens first.

Play Evil Wordle here.

7. Lewdle

For those with a little bit of a twisted mind, there is a Wordle out there for you. Lewdle offers its users the same one-per-day five-letter-word guessing game with one very NSFW twist – you can only guess rude words.

Lewdle’s obscenities range from light-hearted slips and cheeky innuendos to sickening street slang and the downright dirty. The creators of the spin-off game warn anyone who is offended by profanity and vulgarity to stay well clear, but anyone who does dare to play will be rewarded for their dirty mind as they to try work out each day’s five-letter filth.

Play Lewdle here.

8. Wordle Off

There is no denying that one of the best features of Wordle is the ability to share your score to social media – especially if you have smashed a coveted two-score that you can flaunt before your friends.

Wordle Off takes the interactive and competitive nature of Wordle to the next level by pitting you against an opponent as you go head-to-head to find the mystery five-letter-word in a race against time.

The best part of all is since you can see all of your opponent’s guesses and workings out, you can be as dirty or as deceptive as you like, by using their yellow and green squares against them.

Wordle Off even allows you to challenge your own friends to a five-letter face-off, just be sure that your friendship can survive after this intense battle.

Play Wordle Off here.


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