SKODA unveils cycling support car with built in washing machine!

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Billed as the support car for the cyclist who dreams of the perfect summer ride, the ŠKODA Karoq Velo features a whole host of in-built technologies, from a fully-functioning washing machine for washing sweaty kit to a drone landing pad!

Developed and built by ŠKODA UK, the Karoq Velo was conceived by a team of passionate cyclists to help fellow riders enjoy the perfect ride this summer. Its numerous unique design features were shaped by the results of a survey carried out by ŠKODA – see results below.

More than 1,500 active riders were asked to suggest ideas for the perfect cycling support vehicle. A ŠKODA UK design team took the results of the poll and packed as many ideas as possible into this Karoq SUV.

Among the many stand-out features of the Karoq Velo is a fully integrated spin cycle washing machine – see pic above. This was chosen after 27% of survey respondents said that returning to their car in damp cycling kit was a major downside of riding. The washing machine uses the same water supply as an integrated pressure washer for the bikes.

After 31% of survey respondents reported that mechanical issues were a major bugbear, ŠKODA’s design team created space for a full tool kit and equipment to facilitate rapid puncture repairs. A network of built-in LED lights also ensures that any late-night repairs can be carried out without the need to hold a torch or find a streetlight to work under.

Practicality and carrying ability were also high on the wish-lists of survey respondents, with 37% of cyclists wanting an easy to use exterior bike carrier, and 29% wanting the extra security of an in-car storage system. As a result, SKODA has produced a car with sufficient racking to carry two bikes on a special roof mount and one inside. In addition, there is also room for three adult passengers.

Other features include a special magnetic landing pad for a Follow Me drone that uses sensors and recognition technology to follow the cyclist and capture ride photos. An inbuilt Wi-Fi hotspot also allows riders to immediately upload footage of their ride when they return the Karoq Velo.

The Karoq Velo also features the ŠKODA emergency call function that when pressed will immediately relay the car’s location to ŠKODA and connect to someone instantly who will be able to assist in an emergency.

Although the one-off Karoq Velo is not available for sale, it is being used throughout the summer to assist cyclists ahead of races and competitions. Amateur cyclists Keira McVitty and Laura Scott who feature in the video were the first to try out the car on a training ride – see YouTube video below. 

The Karoq Velo inspired accessory package, which includes a ŠKODA Multi-tool, ŠKODA Bicycle tyre pump and bracket and ŠKODA Bicycle Lights is also available to order from local ŠKODA Retailers.


The study was conducted by OnePoll and polled 1,500 keen UK cyclists with a car.  

Q. When asked, what technology the cyclists would like in the car? % #
Function and easy to use rack to store your bike outside of the car 37 277
Cleaning equipment to remove dirt off the bike   32 253
Storage solution for bike accessories and tools 31 241
In-car air pump designed for bike tyres 30 230
Functional and easy to use rack to store your bike inside the car 29 229
In-car fridge to store refreshments 24 188
Device charging and storage area for all tech accessories 22 170
Internal lights for visibility to assist after returning from a ride in the dark 21 167
Portable washing and drying system for your post-ride clothes 18 141
Coffee machine for brew 17 136
Follow Me’ drone to capture aerial shots as you ride 15 120
Exterior design to help your car stand out on the road 15 117
N/A – nothing in particular/I don’t know 8 61
Other 0 1


Q. When asked about the key frustrations faced when cycling? % #
Punctures or mechanical issues 31 243
Fixing the bikes to the car 29 225
Finding the best location to ride 28 216
Returning to the car wet 27 211
Planning the best route 25 195
Remembering to pack everything 24 187
Having the right tools & spares 24 190
Driving to the location 21 161
Returning to the car hungry / thirsty 18 140
Returning to the car cold 17 134
Poor visibility in and around the car when it’s dark 15 113
Running out of battery for your tech equipment 14 112
Having the correct tech 13 103
Capturing good footage of the bike ride that can be shared 11 82
N/A – no frustrations/I don’t know 7 57
Other 1 5



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