Tech Digest daily roundup: OnlyFans ‘must do more to stop underage users’


The children’s commissioner for England says OnlyFans needs to do more to stop underage users after the BBC revealed some were selling explicit videos. BBC News found under-18s have used fake identification to set up accounts on the site and police say a 14-year-old used her grandmother’s passport. Dame Rachel de Souza has written to the British website expressing her “shock” and “deepest concern” at the findings. OnlyFans said it plans to meet her and correct any misinformation. The social media site allows people to share videos, photos and messages directly with subscribers for tips or a monthly fee. In return for hosting the material, OnlyFans takes a 20% share of all payments. Founded by Essex businessman Tim Stokely in 2016, the site has boomed during the pandemic and now has more than 120 million users. BBC

The developer of Cyberpunk 2077 has revealed that the data stolen during a ransomware attack earlier this year is now reportedly being circulated online. CD Projekt Red was the victim of a “targeted cyber attack” in February 2021 that saw internal data stolen by unknown hackers, as well as some devices being encrypted (although these were later recovered through backups). Several months on from the attack, the company now believes that its internal data stolen during the attack is now available online. Tech Radar

A devastating malware attack has allowed hackers to steal millions of account logins for online sites and services. Sign-in details for pretty much any online account you can think of – Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, eBay, Instagram – have been captured by those responsible. It was first uncovered by cyber security researchers at NordLocker who explained that a Trojan-type malware stole the credentials between 2018 and 2020. They found a 1.2-terabyte database of stolen login details that had been lifted from 3.25 million Windows PC. Metro

The OnePlus Nord CE 5G is official and it seems like a good budget phone – at least from the specs and features we’ve seen so far. The CE tag in this Nord’s name refers to Core Edition, and that idea is clear here. This is an affordable phone that focuses on the ‘core’ essentials, or at least that’s the plan. The OnePlus Nord CE 5G is on sale now to the OnePlus Community until June 12. Those who order it during this period will receive the phone on June 14. You can also pre-order the OnePlus Nord CE 5G from Amazon UK from June 10, and from Three from June 11. OnePlus Nord CE 5G will then go on sale on June 21. Trusted Reviews

New images of China’s rover have been beamed back to Earth from the dusty, red surface of Mars. The Zhurong lander is helping the six-wheeled rover search an area known as Utopia Planitia for signs of water and ice that could point to whether signs of life had ever existed on the red planet. The four pictures, released by the China National Space Administration, also show the upper stage of the Zhurong rover and the view from the rover before it rolled off its platform. Evening Standard 

Corporate and tech employees at Amazon won’t have to work in offices full time after coronavirus restrictions are lifted. The Seattle Times reports the online retail giant said in a company blog post Thursday that those workers can work remotely two days a week. In addition, the employees can work remotely from a domestic location for four full weeks each year. Amazon’s work policy update follows backlash from some employees to what they interpreted as the expectation they would have to return to the office full time once states reopen. AP News 


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