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Setting up a business is just the first step. Getting the word out about your business is essential to ensure it remains viable. However, to do so, a moving company needs to invest in marketing and advertising.

While traditional modes of marketing are as vital today as they were yesterday, digital marketing has taken over much of marketing. Since most customers use mobile phones when searching for a business, moving companies must also invest in digital marketing techniques.

Here are a few moving company marketing strategies that you can adopt to increase your customer base:

Traditional Marketing

Word-of-mouth advertising and marketing have always played a huge role in increasing brand awareness. These are included in traditional marketing techniques and can help give a moving company the start it needs.

Here are a few marketing methods that companies should adopt early on:

1.   Networking

Networking with the right people is essential to spread the word about moving services. Talking to the right people yields positive results in the long run. It also creates brand awareness and leaves a lasting impression on a person’s mind. As a moving company that offers household moving and packing services, it makes sense to network with real estate agents that help clients reach you.

2.   Banner ads

Using your moving trucks as advertising tools is another way of marketing. You can place ads on your trucks along with relevant information. It helps in creating brand awareness and reaching potential customers within your area.

Digital marketing

About 88% of consumers search for local businesses using their mobile phones. This statistic signifies the importance of digital marketing. More and more companies are investing in creating an online presence. It provides them more opportunities to reach out to their customers. In addition to this, digital marketing is cost-effective as compared with other marketing tools.

If you are a moving company that aims to make an impact in the digital landscape, you need to incorporate the following techniques into your marketing strategy.

1.   SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If your moving company has a website, investing in SEO is of paramount importance. SEO is an organic method of increasing visibility without having to spend much. You would want your website to rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to increase visibility. There are various practices that a company should adopt to improve the SEO of its website. Using the right search keywords in the content on your website is one method. Keywords refer to search queries that potential customers use to search for a business. Hence, SEO, to some extent, involves targeting keywords that have a high search volume.

2.  Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising involves posting advertisements on relevant websites. If a potential customer clicks on the website, it brings them to your website. PPC can help increase traffic to your website, which ultimately improves SEO.

However, in PPC advertising, a company has to pay the website for placing the ad. In addition to this, PPC advertising involves bidding on keywords depending on their search volume. Google and other search engines offer PPC advertising services.

3.  Local SEO

For local companies, local SEO is essential. Local SEO involves creating your business listing. Google offers businesses to set up “Google My Business Listing.”

If a customer searches for moving companies in a particular city, the chances of your business appearing in the SERPs increase. The listing provides relevant information to the customer, such as the name of the company, contact information, timings, ratings, etc.

4.   Web design and development

Apart from creating aesthetically pleasing design and fonts, web design and development refers to designing a website that provides value to customers and clients. The website should provide accurate information and help the consumer get to know more about your moving company.

5.   Content marketing and collaborations

Content marketing is an effective tool in getting the word out about your business. Creating valuable resources for customers is one way of content marketing and attracting customers to your site.

When formulating a content marketing strategy, many companies collaborate with other websites. Through guest posting and blogging, you create content to be published on other sites while promoting your services.


These are some useful methods of marketing your moving company to the right audience. A combination of digital and traditional marketing is a sure-shot method of increasing your customer base.


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