New 4G phones launching at Mobile World Congress

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Annual trade show Mobile World Congress (MWC) takes place in  Barcelona, Spain between February 27 and March 2, 2017. This year sees a focus on upcoming smart phones as well as other technology devices.

In addition to high profile product launches from most of the big manufacturers, visitors can also expect to catch a glimpse of upcoming technologies for smart phones including VR chipsets and Artificial Intelligence applications.

Here is a list of smart phones that are expected to make an appearance at this year’s show. 


Blackberry has handed over its brand to a company called TCL. There have always been rumours of Blackberry launching a Smartphone code-named Mercury. Indeed, the prototype of this phone has already been leaked.

The phone is expected to maintain Blackberry’s traditional full keyboard but it is widely expected to run on the latest Android platform. This is good news for anyone looking to download the top real money casino app for their enjoyment.


Google will use this opportunity to showcase all of its Android partners and their products within the Android Global Village. As well as demonstrating several new Android smart phones, there will also be an opportunity to introduce Android wear 2.0, Android TV and Google Assistant.


LG has already sent out invitations to an event on 26 February, where it is expected to unveil the G6 smartphone. This is rumoured to feature a display with a magnificent 18:9 aspect ratio screen and a bezel-free edge-to-edge display.


A flagship device is expected to be unveiled in 2017. The Chinese company, the third largest mobile phone company in the world, even confirmed this announcement in a YouTube video, stating that it is set to launch the Huawei P10 mobile device.

In addition to this, it’s expected this year’s Mobile World Congress will see the introduction of the Huawei VR headset alongside the Huawei Mate 9 Pro.

What’s more, there are also rumors that the company will introduce a second generation Android wear 2 smart watch called Huawei watch 2. This watch will offer a more circular connection while retaining a sportier look.


Expectations are high for Taiwanese company HTC in 2017. The company has already shown off its glass giant device called the U Ultra. However, this is not the flagship of this company this year.

Instead, it is set to introduce a new smart phone called the HTC Ocean. The smart device promises to take interactivity to the next level which has never been seen before. Rumour has it that the device won’t feature any buttons on it.


It is widely anticipated that the phone manufacturer is set to launch the new G5 and G5 Plus handsets. Various leaks claim the Moto G5 will shrink from a 5.5in screen to 5-inches, while the G5 Plus will also take a drop in size from 5.5-inches to 5.2in. Both will retain full HD displays, which should result in higher pixel densities given the drop in physical screen size.

Again, it remains a matter of speculation as the world anticipates the arrival of these innovative products at MWC. Alongside the mobile devices listed above, we are also expecting Nokia, Samsung, Sony, and ZTE to introduce their flagship models for 2017.

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