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Google has unveiled new figures on how many people use different versions of Android, and surprisingly, the most popular version is from 2019. Published by Google’s Android Studio platform for app developers, these figures show a breakdown of how many people are currently using each version of Android. According to the figures, 24.3% of users are on Android 11, the newest version of the operating system that’s widely available… but 26.5% are on Android 10, which launched in 2019. Then there’s 18.2% on Android 9, and the previous versions all have fewer users – interestingly, it seems 0.2% of users are still on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean from 2012. Tech Radar

Cosmetics firm Lush says it is deactivating some social media accounts until platforms “take action to provide a safer environment” for users. The company said that from Friday, its Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat pages will be shut down. The policy will be rolled out across all 48 countries Lush operates in. However, the company will continue to operate on Twitter and YouTube “for now”, as looks to “build better channels of communication elsewhere”. “[Social media channels] do need to start listening to the reality of how they’re impacting people’s mental health and the damage that they’re causing through their craving for the algorithm to be able to constantly generate content regardless of whether it’s good for the users or not,” Jack Constantine, chief digital officer and product inventor at Lush, told the BBC’s Today programme. BBC 

General Motors is testing the water in electric boating by buying a 25% stake in a Seattle company that makes battery-powered outboard motors. The Detroit automaker said Monday that it bought the stake in Pure Watercraft for a venture that it says will develop and commercialize battery electric watercraft. Pure Watercraft, founded in 2011, is worth $600 million after the GM deal, spokesman Gabe Johnson said. GM said its investment is worth $150 million, including cash and in-kind contributions. The companies would not disclose how much money GM is putting into the deal. Privately held Pure Watercraft makes an electric outboard propulsion system powered by a lithium-ion battery. It’s designed as a drop-in replacement for any boat with a gas outboard motor from 25 to 50 horsepower. The company also works with boat manufacturers to sell complete boats, according to its website. Yahoo!

InstaVolt is to rollout rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging for landowners and members of the farming community, having been selected as NFU Energy’s new rapid charging provider. InstaVolt said that its expertise in identifying suitable locations will enable landowners and farmers to benefit from the conversion of low-grade land into valuable sites on the UK’s strategic road network. It’s hoped that this will support the agricultural sector in diversifying, as well as work towards a more sustainable future. The installation of rapid chargers will also allow landowners and farmers to benefit from additional income. Current News 

El Salvador’s president said he aims to build a “Bitcoin City” at the base of a volcano in the country, where geothermal energy could be used to power the computers. The city would be built around the Conchagua stratovolcano according to President Nayib Bukele, who recently made the country the first in the world to make Bitcoin legal tender. President Bukele made the announcement following an event promoting Bitcoin in the country, and said it would be financed by government bonds that would be issued next year. He said construction would begin within two months of the bonds being issued. Sky News 

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