Project PUMA: 35mph, two-seater vehicle from Segway and GM


GM motors and Segway have teamed up to create a two-seater version of the battery-powered travel device set to achieve top speeds of 35mph for around an hour at a time.

The PUMA – Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility – project started 18 months ago and is not expected to come to market “any time soon” but offers an interesting alternative to both bicycle and car transport with both a covered over body and front and rear stabilising wheels for use at traffic lights and junctions.

Should PUMA ever come to the consumer, it’s not a hell of a lot more likely that they’ll be legalised in the UK and part of me wonders how green an option they’d be anyway given they’d probably require the building of new, special lanes and that, when you taken into account the fuel used to charge up their Li-ion batteries, they only actually give you an equivalent to 70 miles per gallon. Still, they look like a lot of fun.

(via USAToday)

WoW fan threatens suicide to Blizzard rep, gets arrested


An unnamed 17-year-old was taken into police custody the other day in Ohio, following a threat that he’d commit suicide to an in-game Blizzard representative (known as a GM). The staffer contacted local emergency services, who showed up at the kid’s house.

The kid told the GM that “he was suicidal and the game was the only thing he had to live for”. Other people have tried stuff like that on Blizzard before, but this is the first time that someone’s been arrested over it.