How to Use Tech to Help You Bet

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Use tech to help you improve your betting

Whether you enjoy a flutter on the football at the weekend or class yourself as a professional bettor, there’s always something to learn about betting. There’s plenty that you can glean from reading the newspaper or catching the sport on television, but the internet brings something new to the table. With sports betting sites, tipsters, replays and more, you should be able to improve your betting bottom line if you use the tech wisely. We’ve got some tips on how to use technology to help you improve your betting.

Find the Best Bonuses

If there’s anything that will instantly improve your bottom line then it’s giving it a bump up in the beginning. One of the big bonuses of betting online is that there are often free bets on offer for new customers. These sorts of offers can help to boost your bottom line if you exercise a bit of common sense. Some will require you to make a deposit which they’ll match, others might give you a free bet simply for signing up to their site. Many are only for new sign-ups, meaning you could end up with a lot of different betting accounts, but this shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. Having multiple accounts simply means you can also shop around for the best odds. Be sure to sign up to mailing lists for these sites too, as they will often send out small free bets to existing customers, which is another way to ensure you’re getting the best value around.

Follow the Tipsters

Some people claim social media will be the death of us, but if you’re after betting tips then you might think differently. There are plenty of people in the Twittersphere who have a lot to say about all kinds of sports. Some of them are nothing more than enthusiastic amateurs, but some are industry insiders. Do a little research on some of the best tipsters to follow and create yourself a tipster following account. Have a browse through regularly to see if there are any longer-priced options that might be worth looking at.

Watch The Replays

Use YouTube for research rather than time-wasting

Statistics say that 9 in 10 adults in the UK now use the internet regularly, but when it comes to YouTube how many of us use it for cat videos instead of betting information? YouTube is a great place for finding replays of sports games. If you’re a little unsure of one of the tips you’ve received, spend some time researching it on YouTube. You might even spot a good performance that other people have missed.


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