Add-ons you should purchase when getting an iPhone 7

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One of the attractions of the iPhone 7 is its versatility and the number of add-ons that complement the handset. Here are some of the most useful:


This case extends battery life and provides stylish protection for the iPhone 7. Constructed of silicone, the case has a silky feel to the exterior whilst the microfibre inner lining softly cradles the handset. Talktime can be increased to up to 26 hours if the smart battery case is charged with the phone’s battery. Cost should be just under £100.


Apple’s Air Pods, usually available for around £160, offer a unique experience in audio playback. Used in the same way as earphones, Air Pods connect to the iPhone 7 wirelessly as soon as they are removed from their charging case and placed near the handset.

Audio playback begins when they are placed in the ears and stops automatically when they are removed. They also use Apple technology to allow the inbuilt microphone to be activated and filter out background noise. A 15 minute charge will power Air Pods for 3 hours.

olloclip’s newly designed mobile photography lens sets for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: the Core, Active and Macro Pro lens sets. (PRNewsFoto/olloclip)


The olloclip Core Lens set enhances the iPhone 7’s camera capability by providing super-wide, fisheye and macro x 15 lenses with a range of options. The Lens Set attaches to the iPhone 7 and aligns itself with the handset instantly. The combination turns the iPhone into a serious photographic device offering extremely versatile options to the creative user and should be found for under £100.


The iPhone 7 is a serious piece of equipment that will become a part of any owner’s essential personal support. As such it is very important to be covered by iPhone insurance. It should be protected as much as possible and a significant part of that protection will involve insurance against repair costs, replacement and loss of data.

The cost of iPhone 7 insurance will vary amongst providers so getting a number of quotes to compare before making a final choice is essential. It is also important to understand what damages to your iPhone will be covered by your insurance policy. Visit here for an explanation of what damages a standard policy should cover you for.


For around £80 Gamevice’s controller comes in two parts that fit onto either side of the iPhone 7 and turn it into a gaming experience that should satisfy the most serious gamer. There are dual analogue joysticks, A,B,X and Y fire buttons and left and right fire triggers and bumpers.


For musicians this device allows the iPhone 7 to interface with six string and bass guitars for recording with suitable software. 24-bit 96khz digital converters provide excellent sound quality.

There are quarter inch input and output sockets for instruments and connection to a mixer or amplifier and a headphone socket is also provided. Input gain is adjustable with a multi-colour LED display allowing level adjustment. Cost is around £100.



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