Kickstarter fundraiser for credit card sized Dubleup power bank

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Is this the slimmest mobile phone power bank on the market? Certainly it’s one of them. Manufactured by Australian company Dubleup it’s designed to fit into your purse or wallet and isn’t that much thicker than a credit card.

Available in a choice of gold, silver and black, it comes with either a built in lightning connector for the iPod, iPhone or a built in MicroUSB for Android devices (although sadly not my new Huawei P10 which uses the USB-C charging port). I was sent a black Dubleup charger with iPhone connectivity to check out ahead of its Kickstarter launch last week.

It’s nice and lightweight with a connector that neatly tucks away when not in use. Capacity is 1280mAH so there is enough juice to give a dead or dying iPhone 7 sufficient battery life to last the rest of the day (1,960 mAH battery capacity).

On the back is an LED battery indicator with three lights and a power on/off button. The Dubleup power bank, which launched on Kickstarter on the 9th March, costs AUS$70 including shipping (approximately £43). For more information see



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