House hunters value space for tech gadgets above friends and family

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When it comes to picking a home to buy, it seems our gadgets are more important to us than our friends and family. Research from Yorkshire Building Society into house buyers’ likes and dislikes shows more people want space for electricals like big screen TVs than to be close to friends and family.

Extra room for their prized technology was highlighted by 77% of prospective home buyers as an important factor when looking for a home, compared to just 69% who said distance from family and friends was a key influence.

Jemma Anderson, Yorkshire Building Society Mortgage Manager, said: “We were surprised to see space for electricals was deemed more important than being close to family and friends.”

The study, conducted by YouGov among 2,000 people, showed that paying up-front fees (75%) was among the biggest barriers faced by prospective home buyers.

The most important reason for moving overall was the amount of living space on offer (93%), closely followed by the number of or size of bedrooms (90%) and type of property (88%).



Chris Price
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