Tech Digest daily roundup: Spotify adds real-time lyrics to platform


When listening to music, we often find ourselves singing along. However, sometimes we switch to humming because the lyrics aren’t all familiar to us. When comparing Spotify to some other music players, it always had an obvious disadvantage — lack of a lyrics view. Fortunately for all of us, this is no longer going to be the case. Starting today, Spotify is rolling out real-time lyrics to all users worldwide, across its supported platforms. According to TechCrunch, the music streaming giant has started rolling out this feature on its apps today. Free and premium users on mobile, desktop, consoles, and select smart TVs will be able to take advantage of it. The feature had been requested for years on Spotify Community — where users submit feature requests, ideas, feedback, and more. XDA Developers

About six million Sky routers had a significant software bug that could have allowed hackers to take over home networks, a security company has revealed. The problem has been fixed – but researchers say it took Sky 18 months to address. The vulnerability could have affected anyone who had not changed the router’s default admin password. Sky said an update at such scale took time. “We take the safety and security of our customers very seriously,” Sky said. “After being alerted to the risk, we began work on finding a remedy for the problem and we can confirm that a fix has been delivered to all Sky-manufactured products.” BBC 

Apple’s plans to get staff back in the office are being pushed back to February, according to an internal email. The company’s chief executive Tim Cook announced the delay in an internal email revealed by NBC News during which he encouraged staff to take the COVID-19 vaccine. “As of today, we are targeting February 1, 2022 to begin our hybrid work pilot in many global locations where teams have not yet returned to our corporate offices,” the memo says. During their first month back in the office, employees will be asked to come in up two two days a week. Sky News

Image: Meta Reality Labs

Meta, otherwise known as Facebook, is working on a haptic feedback glove that’s designed to add touch sensations when used in its vaguely defined Metaverse VR and AR environments. Sure, it looks like a prop from a Predator movie, but a device like this is one step on the path to achieving genuine VR immersion, which can’t happen without feelings of touch and taste. We’ve got no idea how to get around the latter, though if we could, would we really want to? If VR is ever to break out of its entertainment and fun only stereotype and become a commonplace part of life and work, technology like this is needed to get there. PC Gamer

Customers are caught in the middle of a growing dispute between Amazon and Visa over transaction fees. The online retail giant moved this week to stop shoppers from using Visa credit cards issued in the United Kingdom starting next year, the latest salvo in a battle between payment networks and retailers. Amazon blamed “high fees” for its decision, marking an escalation from action it has taken in Singapore and Australia, where it has started charging 0.5% extra for using credit cards from the payment juggernaut. AP News 



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