Aurabox launches Bluetooth speaker with LED light and smart light bulb, Aurabulb

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auraboxTwo new products from Divoom (no I’ve never heard of them either, but these products looks interesting). First off is the AuraBox, a Bluetooth speaker with added light functionalities (pictured above). It’s available from Amazon priced at £69.99.

Featuring an integrated LED light board, the AuraBox can be used to create fun light themes alongside listening to your favourite music. Whether it’s setting a romantic mood for date night, creating the party atmosphere after hours at a barbecue, or entertaining the kids with exciting designs, this speaker is designed for the whole family.

The AuraBox also has built-in visual effects, which displays the time or ambient temperature, or even a retro style visual equaliser that follows the music rhythm.

Accompanying the Divoom AuraBox is a mobile app which allows users to get really creative sending messages or pictures to one another, creating images for a party theme or even using the Notifications function, which displays the appropriate icon for the relevant event (such as a tweet or Facebook notification).

The AuraBox’s intelligent alarm clock feature aids sleep quality by allowing the user to set a wake up alarm with the colour and music of their choice or choose from preset scenes and sound effects to create soothing environments, such as a rainforest, the seaside or rainstorm.

Next up is the AuraBulb (pictured above), a Multi-Functional Smart Music Lamp with an integrated Bluetooth 4.0 speaker. With its customisable lighting features, the AuraBulb is ideal for setting the mood in any indoor or outdoor environment.

Controlled by the easy to use AuraBulb app (free from the App Store and Google Play), users can choose from millions of colour options to create lighting displays for any occasion. Adjust the colour to set moods and create ambiance in a matter of seconds, such as a calming blue hue, stimulating yellow or tranquil green.

The AuraBulb’s alarm clock capabilities can help sleep quality by allowing users to set alarms and timers combined with soft colours and music. The AuraBulb also has preset sceneries and sound effects to create soothing environments, such as rainforest, seashore or rain.

The AuraBulb’s speaker base comes in black or white options and is available now for £59.99 from Amazon.

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