Searching for safety: UK’s most searched for home security products revealed.

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As more and more homes around the country become ‘smart homes’, it’s not just lighting, sound and entertainment systems that are being integrated.

Home security has also seen a transformation, with the traditional burglar alarm now becoming part of a much wider system for many, combining security cameras, locks and even doorbells to protect homeowners while allowing them to take their safety into their own hands.

With this in mind, together with home security specialists SimpliSafe we investigate keyword data to see which home security products are the most searched for in the UK. 

Let’s dive into the findings.


By far the most popular home security item, seeing monthly average searches of 16,550, is the video doorbell. Not just exclusive to home security businesses, video doorbells have seen themselves become a part of countless home automation setups, with many smart-home providers having these doorbells as part of their repertoire.

Considering the popularity of online shopping and people waiting for parcels throughout the day, it’s not surprising that video doorbells see themselves leading the pack. Being able to immediately see exactly who is at your door is amazing from a safety perspective, but also extremely convenient.

They’re also great for when you’re away from home, as you’re able to communicate with anyone who may be at your door. Plus, you can soon become aware if a more unfortunate situation occurs where you may have potential criminals outside your property. All in all, it’s a great piece of kit and understandably the nation’s favourite!

Got my eye on you

Coming in 2nd with 12,400 average searches is a piece of kit absolutely essential to any good home security setup – home security cameras. These are one of the first things you think of when wanting to get your system started at home, and for obvious reasons. The move towards smart technology has made them more effective than ever, placing them anywhere and everywhere around your home and being able to access them with a tap of an app.

Looking at the data for specific types of cameras, outdoor security cameras see an average of 6,850 searches a month, while indoor security cameras see a lower 2,000. Outdoor security cameras have the advantage of being able to survey the outside of your whole property and act as a great preventative measure against crimes like car theft and vandalism, as well as allowing you to keep an eye on any suspicious activity you may be concerned about.

Indoor cameras on the other hand can be a great tool in the worst case scenario of you having intruders, as well as keeping an eye on pets and making sure the kids are home from school on time.

Light it up

With 10,700 searches, the 3rd most searched for bit of kit are security lights. A potential intruder may be put off if a spotlight is shone directly on them for all to see. So seeing them with a high search volume is hardly surprising.

The vast majority of security lights available are motion activated, complementing any smart-home security setup with outdoor cameras or video doorbells – allowing you to always see exactly who’s on the other side of your door.

Many also offer options to customise the sensor sensitivity, preventing them being triggered by animals such as cats and foxes so you’re not annoying your neighbours and also saving some power at the same time!

A pretty smart system

The next most popular search term is an interesting one thanks to really being a whole bundle of products- home security systems with average monthly searches of 7,150.  Usually consisting of an alarm, camera and hub, home security systems range from sets offering complete coverage and protection to those that are a starting point to build your own system from.

The popularity of these full setups emphasises how home security has become a rising trend, with more and more of us taking security into our hands as the trust in traditional locks and security measures wane. The rise in smart technology has definitely assisted in this, with most home security networks nowadays using smart technology to enhance their effectiveness as well as the level of control granted to the customer.

Not worth the pane

Glazing over the previously mentioned outdoor security cameras and their monthly searches of 6,850, we have the final spot on our list – window locks. Seeing 5,800 average searches and beating products such as motion sensors and burglar alarms which we expected to be higher, window locks are a great example of how all-round security is becoming more of a priority.

Top 12 security searches

1. Video doorbell – 16,550
2. Home security camera – 12,400
3. Security lights – 10,700
4. Home security systems – 7,150
5. Outdoor security camera – 6,850
6. Window locks – 5,800
7. Burglar alarm – 5,600
8. Home CCTV – 4,550
9. Wireless security camera – 4,250
10. Motion sensor – 3,250
11. Indoor security camera – 2,000
12. Home alarms – 1,300





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