Misfit upgrades its smart sleep monitor, Beddit Smart


BedditWant to monitor just how efficiently you are sleeping? Of course you do. Misfit has announced an upgrade to its sleep monitor and mobile app, Misfit Beddit Smart and Beddit 2.0. With the new version, smart-measuring functionality enables users to measure sleep automatically with no interaction required at all. This makes collecting long-term sleep data a whole lot easier, which is the most important factor for understanding sleep.

So how does it workThe Misfit Beddit Smart sensor is installed under the bed sheet and the Beddit 2.0 mobile app will do the rest. A connection between the mobile app and sensor will be initiated whenever an iOS-device is placed in Bluetooth range and the sensor detects there’s someone sleeping on it. Users don’t need to manually trigger a sleep monitoring session, however those who prefer the old way can still opt for manual activation.

“While Misfit Beddit Smart provides important hardware upgrades for faster pairing and draining less battery from a mobile device, the most important new feature is the smart-measuring. We’ve received feedback that users want to monitor their sleep in the long-term but simply forget to activate it on a nightly basis. We have now solved this problem, so that users can truly focus on sleeping better.” said Beddit CEO, Lasse Leppakorpi.

In addition, Misfit Beddit’s leading edge sleep data has been improved further. The Beddit 2.0 app update provides a thorough visual renovation along with new features such as:

●      Short-term sleep history – helps keep track of sleep rhythm and trends.

●      Sleep remarks – compares nightly data to averages.

●      Sleep efficiency – is a user sleeping well when in bed?

Available today from currys.co.uk, the Misfit Beddit Smart and the free connecting Beddit 2.0 app is priced at £129.99


Chris Price
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