Top 7 gifts for every car lover this Christmas

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MicroScalextric2Just in case you hadn’t realised, Christmas is now less than a month away and, if you haven’t already, it’s time to make a start on the present shopping.

This grows trickier and usually more daunting every year. However, fear not if you’re looking to buy for an obvious car enthusiast.

Produced in association with ClickMechanic, an online marketplace for car repair, we’ve scoured the market to find the best car-related gift ideas for you.

1.    Midi Bonnie Car – Playforever

This retro-inspired toy will actually suit car lovers of all ages. Its robust build means it can withstand even the most unforgiving of playtimes and it can also feature as a decorative piece for vintage fans. It’s available in multiple colours and the range offers several shapes and styles including a motorbike with a sidecar and even an aeroplane.

If you recognise the design, it may be because Playforever has also recently partnered with Hugo Boss to create a collaborative collection, including a clothing range. You can even see the toy cars dotted throughout Hugo Boss stores!

The Midi Bonnie Car is available from Playforever from £38.

2.     Tim Layzell Artwork

Why not offer your loved one a little motorist culture this Christmas? Tim Layzell has become a renowned motoring artist and sells an array of originals as well as prints. His work features alternative art styles including his own ‘pop art’ take on races as well as a range of ‘realism’ styled pieces which are designed to reflect the motoring world in the 50’s and 60’s.

These paintings would make a brilliant addition to any car enthusiast’s art collection or would be a fantastic start for one!

Tim Layzell’s artwork is available from his own website here. Originals are priced on request and prints start from £75.

3.    Garmin  DriveAssist

The Garmin DriveAssist is unique in that it combines a sat nav with a dash cam. This useful piece of tech offers numerous smart features including advanced camera-assisted driver alerts and real-time services, such as live parking and weather.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a collision, on impact, the camera will automatically save all recorded footage and can even text a contact to alert them of the incident. Such a gift is sure to bring any driver added security and peace of mind.

The Garmin DriveAssist 51 is available from Amazon for approximately £229

4.     Chocolate Tool Kit

You can never really go wrong with chocolate, especially if it has a personal twist! This chocolate tool kit is bound to please any keen mechanic or engineer. The set comes complete with two spanners, a pair of pliers, a drill bit, nut, bolt and washer.

The parts look so real, it will almost be a shame to eat them… almost. The Chocolate Tool Kit is available from Not on the High Street for £25.50.

5.     Classic Car Parts Chess Set

If you’re looking for a truly unique gift and money is no object, then look no further! The Classic Car Parts Chess Set combines luxury with sophistication; the steel and alloy pieces are handcrafted using recycled parts from Aston Martin, Range Rover and Lotus vehicles.

Made in the United States, the chess board itself is also handcrafted and the set comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. It’s an elegant gift for any keen motorist to say the least. The Classic Car Parts Chess Set is available from Me and My Car for £1,500.

6.   Micro Scalextric Set – James Bond

A classic gift for racers of all ages! Scalextric has always been a popular game to challenge friends and family to, and the modifiable track really does make each race different to the last.

On top of this, Scalextric also offers themed cars and sets to suit all kinds of motoring tastes including Formula One, Touring Cars and, our choice here, James Bond.

This set would be perfect for any competitive Bond fan; it includes a classic Aston Martin DB5 and an Aston Martin DBS. As it’s the Micro range, it would also suit younger racers and takes up less space than the standard sets.

The James Bond Micro Scalextric set is available from Amazon for approximately £45.

7.     Home Charging Station

Although a home charging station does not sound like a traditional Christmas present, if you’re buying for someone who uses an electric vehicle, it will certainly be a useful addition to the house.

Using a home charging station will charge the car much quicker (30-60% quicker according to Energy Saving Trust), and it is safer to use than a regular plug socket.

It may sound pricey but the OLEV is currently offering an Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme which offers applicants grant funding to cover up to 75% of the cost to install one. It’s certainly a convenient gift for any green driver.

Home Charging Stations are available from Franklin Energy from £299 + VAT.

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